This is pretty wierd...

I'm running -current as of 7am this morning, and am listening to Black in Black in 
XMMS at this moment.

SB-Live! Value, I am running SMP.

Richard Todd wrote:

> In servalan.mailinglist.fbsd-current Daniel M. Kurry writes:
>>On Wed, Aug 15, 2001 at 07:01:46PM +0200, some SMTP stream spewed forth: 
>>>One gets the first DMA buffer full, then the process hangs...
>>Due to the lack of replies, I'll go ahead.
>>I am seeing sound breakage also.
>>My card is a 
>>Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live!.
>>xmms will play a short (less than a second) spurt of audio and then stop
>>responding. mpg123 will not play (any audio to the speakers) at all.
>>I ran a buildworld today which apparently broke it.
>>That puts the breakage between today and sometime less than 2 months
>>(I really cannot be more specific.)
> I'm seeing much the same thing, on an SMP box with onboard sbc0 (Vibra16X)
> sound chip.  Attempting to play sound with madplay gets about 2 seconds of 
> sound and then silence, with the madplay process in an unkillable kernel
> wait.  Oddly enough, the sbc0 interrupt thread continues to occasionally gather
> a tick of CPU time, but apparently not enough to do anything useful.
> I'm busy doing binary-search on the CVS tree, checking out source from
> different times and seeing if I can localize the commit that broke it.
> My current results are that a kernel built from source as of
> 2001/08/10 00:00 CDT (i.e. 2001/08/09 22:00:00 PDT) works, one built
> from source as of 2001/08/10 15:52 PDT does not, so the bug is
> somewhere in between there.  I'm now trying to narrow this down further,
> to a specific commit somewhere in that region.

ET has one helluva sense of humor!
He's always anal-probing right-wing schizos!

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