On 31 Jul, David Wolfskill wrote:

>>Sounds like you're running moused.  I don't think XFree86 4.1 can use
>>/dev/sysmouse and interact with moused like 3.3.6 could.
> I'm running XFree86 4.1.0_4 on my laptop (tracking both -STABLE and
> -CURRENT daily), and I use moused just fine.  However, the Device (in
> /etc/XF86Config) is listed as /dev/mouse, and in (-CURRENT's)
> /etc/rc.devfs, I have
>       ln -fs /dev/sysmouse /dev/mouse
> I've seen no problems attributable to mouse interactions.

I just installed 4.1.0 and am wondering why you make a link instead of
replacing /dev/mouse with /dev/sysmouse in der XF86Config?

Alexander (with a working mouse, but without the symlink).

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