On Sun, 19 Aug 2001, Jonathan Chen wrote:

> On Sat, Aug 18, 2001 at 05:56:19PM -1000, Vincent Poy wrote:
> >     Speaking about -current and laptops, I know Warner mentioned the
> > 3COM 3CXFEM656C working in -current but what's the proper way to install
> > FreeBSD on a IBM ThinkPad 770Z with that NIC/Modem combo since the floppy
> > disks don't seem to show the card on a 6162001 snapshot from
> > current.FreeBSD.ORG.  I was thinking about making a CD of the snapshot but
> > is there a bootable ISO available?
> The FreeBSD boot floppies do not support NEWCARD.  I could perhaps look
> into generating a newcard-kernel.flp once 4.4 is released and
> current.freebsd.org is fixed, if people thing that it's a good idea.  But
> for now, you can either install FreeBSD from a DOS partition, or IIRC
> current.jp.freebsd.org generates bootable ISO's of -current.  But I can't
> seem to connect right now so I can't check...

        Yep, I realize that when I tried installing it.  Is there a way
I can make a CD-ROM containing the directories for installing since
if I'm using a HD that has 0% data on it and I want to use the entire HDD
for FreeBSD, the DOS partition isn't really a option.

> Or, simply unplug the harddrive from your laptop and plug it into another
> machine to do the install.  When I fubar'ed my laptop's fs not too long
> ago, I hot-plugged my laptop harddrive into my desktop, issued an
> "atacontrol reinit", and proceeded to merrily run sysinstall under a
> chroot.  Of course, this is by no means "the proper way", but it gets the
> job done...

        This idea will work since I can always use the notebook hDD with
the adapter to the desktop but what does the atacontrol reinit do exactly
since couldn't I just do a fresh install and just move the drive?

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