Brian Somers schrieb:
> > Hi,
> >
> > after the latest updates I just noticed a different behaviour of ppp.
> >
> > in /etc/ppp/ppp.linkup I had an additional line
> >   iface clear
> > for my profile to get rid of stuffed up IP pairs. After the latest update
> > this entry also clears my defaultroute, but only after redialing.
> >
> > I now had to put the "iface clear" into /etc/ppp/ppp.linkdown, but then
> > the old IP pair is still there during the next connection.
> Putting ``iface clear'' in ppp.linkup will result in the whole
> iface-alias thing being broken.  It's meant to be in ppp.linkdown.
> The objective is that ppp, once connected, has two IP numbers on the
> interface, one for what was there before the connection completed and
> one for the negotiated IP address.  When this happens, the ``first
> connection'' continues to work (the process that caused the dial-up
> will be bound to the IP number that was on the interface when it
> started and the nat engine will tweak these packets so that they use
> the negotiated IP number).

Suppose on the first connection I got the IP pair
A <-> B
and on the second
C <-> D

while the second one still active another person will get
A <-> B
assigned by our ISP.

Will I be able to talk with A or B? Or will they point back to myself?
I put the "iface clear" in ppp.linkup for exactly this case.

> So really, you're doing the equivalent of ``disable iface-alias'' and
> stopping your first connection from working.  Moving the ``iface
> clear'' to ppp.linkdown should be better.
> > Were my assumptions wrong (regarding the "iface clear" command) or is
> > something
> > broken in ppp?
> Yes and yes.

Hmm, I didn't notice any problems before the last commit... Any automatic
connection (even the first) worked without any problems.
But: iface clear just went from ppp.linkdown to ppp.linkup some weeks
ago, but after I got DSL. With DSL the destination IP address is always
the same.
I don't know if this configuration would work with my old ISDN access with
changing destination IP addresses.

> When IPCP comes up, ppp adds the new address to the interface.  It's
> *meant* to change the old interface destination address to
>, but is getting this wrong.  Then, as you've already
> spotted, when your ``iface clear'' is run, it blows away the default
> route.
> I've just committed a fix for this.  It's in version 1.25 of iface.c.
> > BTW: If I disable IPv6 in the kernel, ppp won't start at all. It will spit out
> > tons of messages
> > Error: iface_Add: socket(): Protocol not supported
> Yep, a fix for that was committed a few days ago too.  My apologies.

Oh, I just discovered that cvsup didn't update my tree for 3 days.
Everything works ok again - even the things which weren't design
to work at all.


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