In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Ollivier Robert writes:
>The interesting thing is that I also get that with my old 17th Jul.
>kernel... except that the panic message is 
>"ufsdirhash_checkblock: bad dir inode"
>It is always in the following part of installworld:

That's interesting - the "bad dir inode" bit in particular. I'll
look into this in more detail later. My first guess is that there
is a logic flaw in the dirhash code that only triggers when dirhash
comes across a directory entry that has had its inode zeroed by

The kernel filsystem code only ever places unused directory entries
at the start of a directory block (free space that is not at the
start of a block is merged into an exesting entry). However, fsck
can mark any entry as unused, resulting in the unfortunate situation
that fsck can put the filesystem into a state that cannot be produced
by any combination of kernel filesystem operations. That introduces
quite some potential for obscure bugs that only occur after an fsck


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