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>Hi, folks,

>I think there is problem about the treatment of STRIP make variable.

>I can't decide whether it is configuration problem, software bug, or

>Under current confguration, when DEBUG_FLAGS is defined (e.g. in
>/etc/make.conf), build of ports/lang/ruby will fail as shown below:

>"Makefile", line 77: Malformed conditional (${STRIP} == -s)
>"Makefile", line 77: Need an operator
>"Makefile", line 79: if-less endif
>"Makefile", line 79: Need an operator
>make: fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue

>This is because:

>1. In /usr/share/mk/bsd.prog.mk, if DEBUG_FLAGS is defined, STRIP will
>   not be defined.

>2. In /usr/ports/lang/ruby/Makefile, there is a conditional which
>   refers STRIP as:

>.if ${STRIP} == -s

>3. and make will fail if a variable in conditional is not defined.

>There could be couple solutions for this problem.

>1. In bsd.prog.mk, always define STRIP (when DEBUG_FLAGS is defined,
>   define STRIP as null).

>2. In ruby's Makefile, change conditional to

>.if defined(STRIP) && ${STRIP} == -s

>3. or fix make so that it won't fail for undefined variable in
>   conditional (i.e. treat it as if it had an empty value).

>Any suggestions?
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