Actually, I have tried to get the VESA splash thing going, but never can get anything 
to display...  I can try removing that...  I 
believe it is still set up this way...

What are the limitations on image size and color-depth for the boot splash thing?

Kazutaka YOKOTA wrote:

> Do you by any chance use a VESA mode in text vtys?
> The vesa module in -CURRENT has problems now. If you try to
> set the VESA_800x600 mode in syscons, you will likely to
> hang your machine. This is a known problem, and is somewhat
> related to vm86 and context switching.  I am afraid there is
> no immediate fix for it.
> Kazu
>>I am getting this with regularity now.
>>The one time I was available to see the panic, I forgot to go into the debugge
>>r and do a traceback, but it had something to do with 
>>a mwrite, and had a line concerning [maybe a buffer is....?]...
>>I know this isn't much to go on, but that's what I have.  I'll get more info w
>>hen I feel like wasting ten or fifteen minutes for a 
>>double-reboot...  [is it necessary to do the `shutdown -r now` to write a new 
>>entropy, or can we just keep going if it boots without 
>>the proper entropy?]...
>>I have pretty much isolated this to VTY switching via syscons.  Occasionally, 
>>it will leave the system speaker in a constant tone 
>>until it reboots.  This is very noticable then X exits.

ET has one helluva sense of humor!
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