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>acpidump - dumps a lot of information
>But there are some problems with using acpi:
>1st: it seems that acpi not emulates apm interface (/dev/{apm,apmctl}) so
>     apm-based utilites don't work (apmd, zzz, monitors and so)
>     Is it planned to have apm interface through acpi or not ?
>     If I compile both in kernel - apm code not works.

At least I don't have plan to imprement apmctl.There is more appropreate 
way: kqueue. That is undergoing project. Imprementing ome apm-compatible 
interface may be good thing.

>2nd: Where I can get more info about acpimodes, from man acpiconf(8):
>          -s type
>             Enters the specified sleep mode.  Recognized types are 1, 2, 3,
>             4, and 5.
>     in man acpiconf(8) there are no mention about mode "4b "
>     I have tried some:
>        1,2 - do nothing
>       5   - turn off machine without proper shutdown
>3rd: I have tried couple utilites from
>      batt.c    - works after patching, but if no battary present on laptop
>                  shows 1 battary with unrealistic numbers
>      health.c  - I can't make it work - it seems it lacks of defines in kerne

health.c will not work because Thermal zone driver has no ioctl 
interface for now.
But there is sysctl interface instead.

>      May be there are some other utilites for acpi ?

User interface of ACPI itself is not so fixed.

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