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| As an analogy, take the example of BSD-licensed code where someone
| else owns the copyright (like anything in FreeBSD). Provided I follow
| the limited restrictions of the BSD-license, I can pile additional
| licensing terms on top of that. I am not the copyright holder, but I
| can modify the licensing on _my distribution_ of the code (the terms
| under which I give it to someone else).

You cannot, unless the license explicitly allows you to. Distribution falls
under copyright law, and only the copyright holder can alter the terms under
which something is distributed, duplicated, or modified (and more).

A license doesn't void all of the rights copyright and only leave the terms 
in the license. cf: the bruhaha over ipfilter, where the clause was explicitly
stated, rather than implied, but, the license didn't change.

None of the BSDL explicitly grant the right to alter the terms of 
distribution so it is implicitly forbidden. So e.g. you cannot GPL BSDL
code, which could be a scenario you are describing.

While this sentence;
   Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
   modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions
   are met:

seems to be a bit open, what it doesn't say is

"and any other conditions that are added"

and none of the 4 conditions state that you may add further restrictions
or e.g. put the file into the public domain.

Of course if you have a larger work, your larger work is under your license,
as a whole. The individual component parts are still covered by their own 
licenses. This is the case with some of the things released by Apple e.g.

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