>>> IWASAKI-san wrote:
> Hmmm, _WAK method checks OS type (in CKOS method) and skips calling
> PHS(0xe1).  I suspect that this is needed to be done after wakeup.
> i.e. the OS which have `FreeBSD' as ACPI_OS_NAME might have problems
> on your NotePC's ACPI.

> Try running `amldb PCG-C1VSXK.dsdt' to see what happen on Windows NT...
> # Yes, amldb has string "Microsoft Windows NT" in _OS_ object for this
> # purpose :-)

I haven't understood what you mean, but I run amldb PCG-C1VSXK.dsdt
on my machine and attached what I showed when I input "t".
This could be some help?
yoichi nakayama /* From Berlin */


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