On Sat, 25 Aug 2001, Mike Smith wrote:

> It should be a tunable, not a compile-time option.
> > David Hill wrote:
> > >
> > > Hello -
> > >     Could someone please document "options HZ" into LINT?.  I found it whil
> > e
> > > reading the dummynet(4) manpage.

It must remain a compile-time option for those of us who don't believe
in tunables.


- Making HZ non-constant (almost everything uses `hz' instead of HZ) mainly
  pessimizes time-critical code that computes hz/CONST, except:
- on alphas, the HZ option has no effect.  The initial value of hz = HZ
  is not used except to compute wrong values for `tick' and `tickadj'
  (`tick' is fixed up later but `tickadj' remains wrong).  `hz' is
  initialized to hwprb->rpb_intr_freq >> 12 in alpha/machdep.c.  So,
  hz needs to be non-constant and the HZ option and tunables just get
  in the way for alphas and for other arches where the hardclock
  frequency is not programmable.


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