On Sun, 26 Aug 2001, Mike Smith wrote:

> > The motto used to be "do it right", not "do it the way WE want it on OUR
> > machines, and screw the people who don't make the decisions or cause to much
> > trouble to ignore."
> It still is.  And recognising that csh has evolved over the last decade 
> is part of "doing it right".

No, doing it right would have been including tcsh and deprecating csh, then
dropping it later as has been done with other things.

Naming linking it to csh broke things for people who weren't informed it was
happeneing, and then had to go and spend hours tracking down the problem and
fixing it.

> What you're really saying is "you didn't do what *I* think is right, and 
> I'm packing up my toys and going home".

No, what I am saying is I am a long time user who is getting fed up with THIS
type of comment and attitude, and that I might as well go find an alternative
that "Does it right" instead of continuing to put up with having this sort of
commentary lobbed at people who dare to voice their opinions.

> That's your perogative, but it's hardly the mature stance to be taking.

Read over your response.  What did it have to do with my issues?  Nothing.  It
was a defensive reaction, resorting to name calling because you had nothing
logical to refute with.  Do you call THIS mature?

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