In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Terry Lambert writes:
: So, you are saying that this is because there is not a seperate
: "No BIOS" and "BIOS" section (or entry prefix) in the hints file,
: so that in a non-PnP system, both the "No BIOS" and "BIOS"
: entries will be examined, whereas on a PnP system, only the "BIOS"
: entries will be examined?
: It seems an obvious enhancement to me that there be seperate
: sections, where the "BIOS" section is shipped empty, and is only
: consulted to override broken PnP BIOS contents on PnP BIOS
: systems...
: PS: The "BIOS" section could be shipped non-empty, if it had
: a "per-rogue" setion or prefix... then known broken PnP BIOS
: systems would "just work".

Since that's not how it works, the solution is a non-starter.

We just need to carefully order the ISA code probing sections to get
the desired effects.  We haven't done that yet.  All PnP devices are
probed together at the end, which isn't quite right.


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