Terry Lambert wrote:

> I was still grumpy about the change, but that at least was
> enough to mollify me into not objecting loudly and persitantly
> up to the import.
> Let me get this straight, though:  _now_ you are saying that
> the system wide defaults and account template defaults will
> be whatever the tcsh maintainers say they are, and that any
> changes that the tcsh maintainers make with instantly and
> magically be imported into FreeBSD?
> I think there are a few logic flaws in your plan to have
> people submit their gripes about the defaults to the tcsh
> maintainers:
> 1)    They set their defaults the way they like them, and
>       are unlikely to change.
> 2)    A lot of the people who shut up did so on the premise
>       that the defaults would cause tcsh to behave like csh
>       when invoked with that name, and that it was the tcsh
>       users, NOT the csh users, who would have to change
>       away from the system defaults to get their desired
>       behaviour.
> 3)    FreeBSD does not seem to track tcsh changes quickly
>       or religiously enough for a lobbying effort to really
>       be effective.
> While we may be stuck with this bait-and-switch "upgrade", I
> think his complaints are not co easily addressed.  Certainly,
> the "exec" complaint remains valid, in any case: it's a bug
> that csh didn't have.

Terry, first things first, or is it last things first...  I had issued myself a boot 
to the head because I had simply forgotten to 
background the startx and issue a logout [been so long since i've done things this 
way, blah blah blah, boot to the head], This was 
the second message in this thread, and I asked people to disregard my initial post 
because of this, shortly after sending the 
initial message.  Since then, this has taken a life of it's own.

After reading the ensuing posts, I do have to say that although I don't agree with a 
lot of the posts against adding more 
defacto-standard shells to the base distribution [remember the thread about a month 
ago], I at least now understand one of the base 
arguments behind the arguments against.  I'm not trying to revive that topic, I'm just 
saying I see what was behind some of the 
arguments in that thread now.

Anyhow, I have other things on my mind right now, such as why installworld is 
expecting a user named 'bind'...

ET has one helluva sense of humor!
He's always anal-probing right-wing schizos!

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