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>I am ready to do my megga-commit to add the first stage of KSE-threading support
>the kernel. If there is any argument as to the wisdom of this move,
>then this is the time to speak up!

I say "No, not yet".

Not yet, because in practice nobody has been running your patches yet.

Not yet, because we have seen no quantified performance impact numbers
(yes, I'm trying to arrange to help you produce these but on a P5/133
things are _S_L_O_W_!

Not yet, because I seriously doubt if anybody has had any time to review
and reflect on the way you have gone around and done things.

Not yet, because there are, as I understand it, unresolved issues with KAME.

Not yet, because you are generalizing from only one platform, get at least
alpha working first.

So I propose:

Put up your patches in a highly visible place and advertise them on
-current, -arch and -smp.

Once at least 5 developers have publically said "I'm running these
patches on my -current machine(s) and it doesn't totally hose me"
and at least 3 of those machines are SMP and one is non-i386
architecture, then call for "last orders before commit".

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