Sheesh.  Everyone is so negative!  Well, I'm going to be too.

   I think compared to some of the other things that have been thrown into
   -current, the KSE stuff will be the LEAST disruptive.  Don't go bashing
   Julian for coming up with a reasoned approach to adding them, discussing
   the concept at many meetings (including at USENIX), and doing all the 
   hard work to get it done.  He's done a hellof a lot more discussion and
   worked with people a lot more any other feature that has been thrown into
   -current.  He doesn't deserve these kind of responses, not after all the
   work that's been done.  He's been talking about this for 2 years.  TWO


   Just for myself, I am seriously considering just throwing the whole lot
   (-current, that is) away and starting over from -stable.  I spent 20 hours
   last weekend trying to unwind even part of the VM system from Giant, and
   failed utterly.  I'd love to see the KSE stuff in -stable, I think it
   might even be a better fit.

   I am seriously considering this because I think we made a huge mistake
   throwing away the spl*() mechanism in -current, as a means of getting out
   from under the Giant lock paradigm quickly and partitioning the problem
   in a manner that allows subsystems to be worked on independantly.  And
   I don't see any way to get it back.  The spl*() mechanism already
   partitions the major subsystems that *need* to operate concurrently:
   I/O, interrupts, and the network stack.  We would be able to work on
   major subsystems independantly and we would be able to debug things much
   more easily.  -current as it currently stands is very nearly undebuggable.

   I've been thinking about this for the last few months... I am still
   thinking about it.  I haven't made a decision yet.  I think if KSEs go
   into -current I would stick with it, but if KSEs do not go into -current
   I don't see much of a point, -current will have wholely gone off in a
   direction that I don't believe in (rather then just mostly gone off).


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