The mecanincal changes in C code are pretty simple,
but you really need a running machine to do them because
you need to change-compile-change-compile-change-compile  (etc.)

It took me about 1 day to do the i386 specific things..
Having doen that is should take someone with a running alpha
abut a half day to do the alpha version (now that I've
done the 386) and someone with a clue 
about alpha assembler needs to make the same changes to the 
machine code. (it was probably about 10 lines of assembler changes).

The bigest part is the re-arranging of the u-area and changing the
code to follow that change.

On Mon, 27 Aug 2001, Andrew Gallatin wrote:

> Julian Elischer writes:
>  > 
>  > Can the IA64 and Alpha developers (Arm too?)
>  > look at the KSE patch set at
>  >
>  > 
>  > This compiles and runs pretty solidly on 386.
>  > it needs people who understand the other architectures to make
>  > the appropriate changes and send them to me (or check them int P4)
>  > so that when this is checked into -current their architectures are
>  > not broken. (On teh other hand if they would rather fix up the breakage
>  > afterwards (which may be easier) then they should let me know
>  > so I can get on with committing it.
>  > Matt and I want to commit it  ASAP, so we can get on with
>  > actual threading support. Peter has also indicated that he thinks that
>  > it should be done soon, so I need toknow if there will 
>  > be forthcoming changes for the other architectures,
>  > or I should go ahead and commit...
> Please, please don't intentionally break other architectures.  Esp
> ones that actually work, like alpha.
> Its basically just mechanical changes up until this point, right?
> You've carved up the proc struct & ranamed some things, right?
> I'd really appreciate it if you could make the mechanical changes
> required to get it to the point where it at least compiles on alpha
> using At that point, the people on -alpha should be
> willing to test your patch and help fix any problems that come up.

I REALLY want to have alpha (and hopefully other) ready to do at the same

but at the same time, I'm 'carrying this' because as long as I'm not
committed I have a daily "merge" job. And it's getting bigger
as people change low level code in way s that may not be compatible 
with what I need.

I would be happy if I could commit it in 2 weeks. I'd like some help from
the other architecture people though.
I've done 1.85 MB of patches and the machine dependednt parts are probably 
about 15K of that. 

> Thanks,
> Drew

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