> >>>I am ready to do my megga-commit to add the first stage of KSE-threading support
> >>>to 
> >>>the kernel. If there is any argument as to the wisdom of this move,
> >>>then this is the time to speak up!
> >>>
> > 
> >     I have one system that I've been maintaining/updating since the
> > 2.X days and I feel it's time to nuke it and start over. +1 for a 
> > non-smp system and SMP system.
> > 
> >     That said, I think the value of having both KSE and SMPng in 5.0
> > is HUGE and I think there is probably a large number of people that
> > would be willing to endure kernel panics, dumps, etc. because the value
> > (in terms of technological accomplishment and saleability in the
> > corporate space) would be absolutely worth the bumpy road.  -CURRENT
> > isn't worth tracking unless the dumps, bugs, etc are all going toward
> > both SMPng and KSE.
> Hey, anyone running -current without a tape drive attached with a daily dump 
>schedule is either insane, a masochist, or both.
> Read my post from this morning about the mysterious filesystem corruption I had this 
>morning...  Kudos to Justin Gibbs for fixing 
> EOM detection [let's get his scsi_sa.c patches committed ASAP]!!!

        Thanks for the heads up!  Fortunately I have a few -STABLE
systems that I can dump to and that host all of my email/development.  
;)  I'll probably go and pick up another 40+GB HD just for the extra

> >     If there are grave concerns about having KSE and SMPng in 5.X,
> > then why not push back the release date?  The value far outweighs the
> > extra months needed to get it finished and out the door, but what do I
> > know, I'm just a quiet kernel by standard making an observation. -sc
> Good idea.

        Seriously, is there any reason to hold to a time line at the
expense of some very important and very fundamental enhancements to
FreeBSD?  I suppose that's something for -core to talk about/discuss,
but I bet that if a poll was put on the homepage of FreeBSD.org (hint
hint) asking about this, you'd get an overwhelming response to see
KSE/SMPng in 5.X.  With a poll you might even pick up some more testers
given the exposure (hint hint).  -sc

Sean Chittenden

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