On 27-Aug-01 Jim Bryant wrote:
> Garance A Drosihn wrote:
>> At 1:49 PM -0700 8/27/01, Sean Chittenden wrote:
>>>  > >    If there are grave concerns about having KSE and SMPng in
>>>  > > 5.X, then why not push back the release date?  The value far
>>>  > > outweighs the extra months needed to get it finished and out
>>>  > > the door,   ...etc...
>>>  >
>>>>  Good idea.
>>>     Seriously, is there any reason to hold to a time line
>>> at the expense of some very important and very fundamental
>>> enhancements to FreeBSD?  I suppose that's something for -core
>>> to talk about/discuss, but I bet that if a poll was put on the
>>> homepage of FreeBSD.org (hint hint) asking about this, you'd
>>> get an overwhelming response to see KSE/SMPng in 5.X.  With a
>>> poll you might even pick up some more testers given the exposure
>>> (hint hint).  -sc
>> We can't just keep pushing back the release date because "some
>> very important enhancements" could be made.  It will ALWAYS be
>> true that there are more "very important enhancements" on
>> the horizon, and you can't keep running after those.  You have
>> to pick some point, and stick to that point, and "ship" at that
>> point.  As long as current is known to be in rapid flux, most
> I'm glad you support integration of KSE then...  As I recall such threading
> was in the original design specs for 5.0, as released 
> when work on 5.0 began.

Yes, and if we had lots more man-hours on the KSE and SMPng projects such that
they were farther along now things would be different.  The fact is that the
planning for 5.0 may have been a bit optimistic.  However, I'll try and review
the KSE diff as well.  The diffs themselves aren't bad, I just think that we
will end up with too much complexity and room for things to break each other
with the breakage hard to find since you can't pin it down as easily.


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