At 2:48 PM -0700 8/27/01, Julian Elischer wrote:
>I don't WANT to commit without more testing and more support for
>the other  platforms. However I need support from the people DOING
>those platforms to go further.
>I also want more people to try the patches. So far the only problem
>Matt Dillon and I have seen is the re-appearance of a panic during
>reboot that must be something silly I've done :-)

This sounds good.  I'm hopefully just about a week away from having
a little more spare time, at which point I could try -current on my
dual-P3 box, and try your changes on top of that.  At the moment I
can't help much with any other platforms, although I would definitely
be willing to help test powerPC changes (once that port is far enough
along to run :-).

I should admit that my interest in other architectures is more for
the up-and-coming PowerPC and Sparc-64 ports, instead of the already-
working port of Alpha...

>I'll be doing MFC's each day into P4, and keeping my patch set at
>up to date. (If you have cvs access you have P4 access if you'd
>rather do that)

I can sense that some freebsd developers are having good luck with
perforce, but for me it'd be one extra thing that I would have to
figure out, and figuring out perforce isn't high on my current list
of priorities...

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