> >I am ready to do my megga-commit to add the first stage of KSE-threading support
> >to 
> >the kernel. If there is any argument as to the wisdom of this move,
> >then this is the time to speak up!

        I have one system that I've been maintaining/updating since the
2.X days and I feel it's time to nuke it and start over. +1 for a 
non-smp system and SMP system.

        That said, I think the value of having both KSE and SMPng in 5.0
is HUGE and I think there is probably a large number of people that
would be willing to endure kernel panics, dumps, etc. because the value
(in terms of technological accomplishment and saleability in the
corporate space) would be absolutely worth the bumpy road.  -CURRENT
isn't worth tracking unless the dumps, bugs, etc are all going toward
both SMPng and KSE.

        If there are grave concerns about having KSE and SMPng in 5.X,
then why not push back the release date?  The value far outweighs the
extra months needed to get it finished and out the door, but what do I
know, I'm just a quiet kernel by standard making an observation. -sc

Sean Chittenden

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