On Mon, Aug 27, 2001 at 09:36:56PM -0500, Jim Bryant wrote:
> Actually, I'd like to see both projects proceed, but apparently what
> non-core contributers to FreeBSD think doesn't matter.

It is an issue of effort and practicality.  We are not talking about what
should be the default window manager to give users maxium FreeBSD enjoyment.
Setting up a nice GNOME or KDE default environment is about the same
amount of work.  And something that is orders upon orders of magnitude
less time and complex than SMPng.

If I expected you to send me a brand new dual AMD-Athlon machine that
would be ridiculous.  If I asked you to boot FreeBSD on it and send me
the /var/run/dmesg.boot output and how long `make world' took, that would
be reasonable.  Expectations must be kept in perspective.

> Maybe all of the VOLUNTEER testers for -current should take your advice
> and go to NetBSD, OpenBSD, Linux, or open-Solaris...  Maybe their
> opinions would be better received.

I *MY* HO, if all someone does is whine w/o producing patches or good
crashdumps, then *I* (only speaking for *me* here) don't mind that one

> As far as opinions are concerned, you have expressed yours, and I kinda
> hope it doesn't represent that of the entire core team.

Not it doesn't.  That is why there was a disclaimer on my email and one
on this one also.

> Opinions were asked for.  Testers were asked for.  I'm offering both.
> I don't think when Julian asked for opinions and testers that he was
> specifically asking core team members only.  Julian, if this is not the
> case, please speak up, and accept my apology for butting in with my
> opinion, and my offer to take you up on your call for testers.

Testing the KSE patch and saying it must go into 5.0 are two different


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