At 5:09 PM -0700 8/27/01, Darryl Okahata wrote:
>      Is there some reason why KSE couldn't be integrated
>ASAP *AFTER* 5.0 is released?
>[ Personally, I'd like to see it in 5.0, but, with all the qualms that
>   people seem to have, I'm curious as to why it can't be integrated
>   immediately after 5.0 is cut?  This way, Julian's MFCs are reduced,
>   and it gives people more time to pound on KSE.  ]

In the interests of progress, let us assume for the moment that most
of the qualms about KSE could be addressed by more testing of it,
and a little more work for non-Intel platforms.

Based on that assumption, anyone who is eager for KSE should realize
that NOW is the time to step forward and help out with it.  If we
can get a reasonable amount of testing done in the next two or three
weeks, then maybe we could get KSE committed for "5.0", and also
get "5.0" released when we expected to release it.

I think this would be the ideal outcome.  If you have any energy to
spare right now, let's put that energy towards the ideal outcome.
But NOW is the time to help out, not in late October or November.

I have changed the subject for this message, because I am hoping
that a more positive subject might get a more positive result.
Anyone who does think KSE is worth having for 5.0, should step up
and provide Julian with the help needed to address the legitimate
concerns which have been mentioned.  Julian does not need people
descending into a flame-war, he needs people to show up and help out.

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