John Baldwin wrote:
> > halted CPU 0
> >
> > halt code = 2
> > kernel stack not valid halt
> > PC = fffffc0000553020
> You overflowed your kernel stack.  You can use srm to dump the
> memory at that address (I can't remember the stupid SRM syntax
> for the life of me though) and wade through it looking for
> kernel-text addresses to figure out the stack trace.

>From my reading of the x86 source, one of the things Julian did
was seperate out the allocation of stack pages, using a defined

This may be as simple as putting a larger number in your config
file... I don't know what the Alpha default was before the change,
but I do know that it runs 8K pages, which if KPAGES is in 4K
chunks, might have reduced your stack size on you...

Not brilliant, but something to try...

-- Terry

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