> >     Seriously, is there any reason to hold to a time line at the
> > expense of some very important and very fundamental enhancements to
> > FreeBSD?  I suppose that's something for -core to talk about/discuss,
> > but I bet that if a poll was put on the homepage of FreeBSD.org (hint
> > hint) asking about this, you'd get an overwhelming response to see
> > KSE/SMPng in 5.X.  With a poll you might even pick up some more testers
> > given the exposure (hint hint).  -sc
> > 
> If it's testers you want, submit a story on slashdot heh heh, I know a lot
> of BSDers that are converts from linux that want to test stuff, but only
> read slashdot for their computer news.

1)  By Friday, I'm hoping to having -current + KSE patch on my boxes
(money where mouth == Good Thing(tm)).

2)  Is there any reason to _not_ submit a story on Slashdot, Maximum
BSD, Daemon News, BSD Today, etc...  I couldn't help but think the
exposure and extra testers that would come of this would be a bad thing.  
Is there any documentation in terms of how some stranger could do this
(from a vanilla system)?  At any rate, post a link to the instructions in
the story and what more could you ask for?

        Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it'd be good exposure for
both Jullian's work (even though KSE's will be largely unused in 5.0)  
and FreeBSD. -sc

        PS The submitted story would make it clear that this is -CURRENT
(not -STABLE) and would include all of the necessary

Sean Chittenden

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