Just a quick note to say that my -current box has started dropping 
cores during make world again.

I have a kernel from August 11 that works ok, and had one from August 
18 that was causing sig 4 at random places.  I accidently overwrote 
my Aug 18 kernel.old, but Aug 25, 27 and 28 are still dropping cores 
all over the place.

My machine config has changed slightly since this happened in May, 
It's now a P4/1.7GHz with 384Mb RAM.

As before, I can give people access to the box if required - although 
unfortunately I haven't got enough room in swap for a kernel core any 
more (oops!) -- but that can be fixed if required.

If anybody has any suggestions, I'd be glad to hear them, otherwise 
I'll try rolling the sources forward from the 11th to try to discover 
when the breakage occurred.

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