:Just a quick note to say that my -current box has started dropping 
:cores during make world again.
:I have a kernel from August 11 that works ok, and had one from August 
:18 that was causing sig 4 at random places.  I accidently overwrote 
:my Aug 18 kernel.old, but Aug 25, 27 and 28 are still dropping cores 
:all over the place.
:My machine config has changed slightly since this happened in May, 
:It's now a P4/1.7GHz with 384Mb RAM.
:As before, I can give people access to the box if required - although 
:unfortunately I haven't got enough room in swap for a kernel core any 
:more (oops!) -- but that can be fixed if required.
:If anybody has any suggestions, I'd be glad to hear them, otherwise 
:I'll try rolling the sources forward from the 11th to try to discover 
:when the breakage occurred.
:Brian <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>                <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
:      http://www.freebsd-services.com/        <brian@[uk.]FreeBSD.org>

    I took a look at the diff between those dates and there were a lot
    of changes.  If you have the time it may well be that the best way to
    home in on the problem is to do a date-based cvs checkout to try to
    narrow down the date range where the problems started to occur.


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