Joerg Wunsch wrote:
> After upgrading to current-2001-08-28, my old BSD/OS Netscape 3 binary
> no longer works.  It coredumps right away at startup, before opening
> any window.  (Running it as "netscape3 -help", where it only produces
> a usage message, isn't affected.)
> Now the interesting part: i wanted to get an idea why this happened,
> and ran it through ktrace.  Voila, that still works!  Likewise when
> running through truss.
> Does anybody have an idea what might have changed, and why's that odd
> behaviour with the syscall tracers?

That is certainly odd.  Can you put a .tar.gz of whatever is needed to
replicate it somewhere?  eg: on http://freefall/~joerg/ ?

What is the last -current kernel build date that it ran under?

Have you removed COMPAT_43 by any chance?

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