On Wed, 29 Aug 2001, David Wolfskill wrote:

> OK; maybe I'm just not cut out to be trying to do this.....
> The first time I tried the usual approach, my build machine locked up,
> hard.  (It was running the previous days' -CURRENT -- and I was able to
> build today's -CURRENT on a copy of it).  Once I got home, I found that
> nothing would make the machine do anything except for a power cycle or a
> reset.  In particular, Ctl+Alt+Esc didn't do anything.
> I tried again, and sometime after I started it, I saw your message that
> says "You need to do build the kernel outside of the tree you will
> "make buildworld" in so that the build tree is untouched...."  And sure
> enough, the 2nd attempt terminated:

After doing a single buildworld of a normal tree,
The best thing you can do to test it is just use is as much as possible
as a replacement for your normal kernel, so that
we can try out as many 'paths' through the kernel as possible.
Everyone does a few buildworlds so that's quite tested..
not a lot of Music gets played on it, or videos watched etc.
(linux emulation for example)
Try som ekernel modules after you have tried the same modules built in..

that sort of thing..

> But I'm having no luck figuring out what you want folks to do, based on
> your (quoted) comment.  Here's what I usually do (within "script"):


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