The medium I mount is a hard disk partition.
/dev/ad0s1 is my win98 boot drive, /dev/ad0s2* my FreeBSD world.
It has worked for almost a year, never had a crash or lost a single byte.

I can go back to the kse kernel, and remount Win98, with the instructions
You just posted.

Ciao, derweil,

> I can not reproduce this with a memory disk image of an msdos floppy
> (I do not have a floppy on that machine)
> can you try accessing the floppy without mounting?
> e.g. can you try using it as a raw device with TAR or something?
> Maybe it's the floppy driver rather than tehe filesystem.
> If you can get a coredump and thus a stack backtrace
> it could be very helpful.
> thanks

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