cd /usr/src/usr.bin/xinstall; make _EXTRADEPEND
echo xinstall: /usr/obj/usr/src/i386/usr/lib/libc.a  >> .depend
cc -O -pipe    -I/usr/obj/usr/src/i386/usr/include  -c /usr/src/usr.bin/xinstall
cc -O -pipe    -I/usr/obj/usr/src/i386/usr/include   -static -o xinstall xinstal
xinstall.o: In function `main':
xinstall.o(.text+0x83): undefined reference to `strtofflags'
*** Error code 1

This is from a relatively old -current coming up to a new (today's)
-current.  I suspect somebody added a call for install yet forgot to
alter the bootstrap tools target accordingly (or did but in the wrong
place).  Thanks.

- Jordan

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