>Until yesterday, I was running -CURRENT from around July 4th on my
>notebook, given that I was travelling and unwilling to break my means of
>giving presentations on my trip :-).  Yesterday, I decided to upgrade, and
>built kernel/world.  The userland stuff appears to work fine, but
>interestingly, my kernel seems not to probe the console, and instead, use
>the serial console.  The boot loader does not have this problem, and sees
>the console fine.  The symptoms are that as the kernel loads (spin spin) 
>after the boot loader, it ceases spinning, the cursor changes to a block,

This means that the video card is initialized Ok...

>and after a delay for hardware probes (&tc), the login prompt comes up but

syscons is working and providing /dev/ttyv%d...

>without the ability to type.  

Umm, the keyboard is not available...

>Unfortunately, I don't have a box with me I
>can use as a serial console, so I can't attempt to see what it did or
>didn't probe successfully, just that things got that far.  When I get home
>tomorrow, I'll attempt to debug it, but was wondering if anyone else had
>experienced this, or could point me at any commits that might potentially
>impact this. 
>Robert N M Watson             FreeBSD Core Team, TrustedBSD Project
>[EMAIL PROTECTED]      NAI Labs, Safeport Network Services

Can you login to your notebook via network? As the loader seems working,
you can boot the machine with bootverbose set, and can get dmesg output
if you are able to login via network.


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