Unheedful of thy elder's warnings, Mike Smith wrote:
> > Then, shouldn't we remove the PnP BIOS driver (pnpbios) from the
> > kernel and make it a module, so that the boot loader will load either
> > the ACPI module or the PnP BIOS module?
> Yes, we probably should.
> I'd like to see the boot-conf code learn how to deal with foo_load
> variables set in the environment in the same fashion it deals with
> them as it reads /boot/loader.conf; this would result in the acpi and
> pnpbios modules being loaded at the correct time, rather than after
> the 'boot' command where they come as a surprise to the user.

When I first wrote the loader.conf thingy, I couldn't get the value
of environment variables from the FICL environment. Now I do, and it
has been my intent rewriting the whole code to make it more easier
for people to add to it and take advantage of the better integration
between FICL and underlying loader, but it has suffered from a
perfectionist streak I have sometimes: I'm over-designing it.

Anyway, I have been too busy lately to do anything with FreeBSD that
is not directly related to things I have to do at work, and it doesn't
look like slacking up so soon. So, unfortunately, I don't have time to
do any of the little things that have been cropping up with loader.

Looking the code over, it seems to me the quickest way of implementing
this would be create a word that goes over all the environment variables
and create/change the appropriate module structures as it finds
corresponding variables, and then add this variable to the beginning of
boot and boot-conf definitions on loader.4th.

I wish I could be of more help at the moment, but I can't. :-(

Daniel C. Sobral                   (8-DCS)

Ever notice that even the busiest people are
never too busy to tell you just how busy they are?

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