I get consistent locks when trying to run Mozilla for Linux (RH 7.1).

Breaking into the debugger, I see it hangs in fork_exit()+180. This
is should be the PROC_LOCK(p) in the source file (kern_fork.c).

Since a deadlock in this place should be seen for FreeBSD binaries as
well and since that's not the case, it must be Mozilla.

In the Linuxulator fork() and vfork() are implemented in terms of
their FreeBSD equivs, so I don't think that's the problem. This
leaves clone().

I'm in the office and can't try anything ATM, but if someone can tell
me if my deductions make sense or not I'll see if I can get it resolved
as soon as I'm home.

 Marcel Moolenaar         USPA: A-39004          [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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