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>In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Jim Bryant writes:
>: I doubt if the bootloader will ever change from FORTH, but if it
>: does, I suggest LISP as the preferred choice on a short-list of
>: potential replacements.
>It would make it very cool junior kernel hacker task to use lisp in
>the boot loader...

Hmm.  Other cool tasks include:

    - substituting <TAB> for <space> in correct places and vice versa.
    - fixing incorrect code indentation.
    - wholesale removal of _P() prototypes.
    - rewriting all perl scripts in sh.
    - using Java instead of C in the kernel.

All of the above will provide much needed features and functionality
for the upcoming 5.0 release.  They will dramatically raise the bar
and provide a significant performance boost for the system.  After all,
it is well known(*) than LISP is already SMP capable, while Forth is
single threaded, and it is critically important that the bootloader be
SMP enabled.  :-)

Seriously now, don't we have better things to spend our time and 
energies on than re-implementing code that already works?

(*) 4 out of 5 handwavers agree on this point, according to the
    Journal of Irreproducible Results and Department of FUD.

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