You are not supposed to call __getcwd() directly.


In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, "John W. De Boskey" writes:
>   I'm in the middle of trying to debug a java problem
>and have found something I don't quite understand.
>   Basically, __getcwd() is returning errno 20, Not
>a directory.  man getcwd doesn't list ENOTDIR so I
>started looking in the sources and found kern/vfs_cache.c:
>                if (vp->v_dd->v_id != vp->v_ddid) {
>                        numcwdfail1++;
>                        free(buf, M_TEMP);
>                        return (ENOTDIR);
>                }
>   Could someone who is more familiar with the vfs
>layers provide some pointers as to what is being
>done here? The code is instrumented, and sysctl
>has the following to say:
>% sysctl -a | grep cwd
>vfs.cache.numcwdcalls: 225014
>vfs.cache.numcwdfail1: 845           1 -> ENOTDIR
>vfs.cache.numcwdfail2: 6775          2 -> ENOENT
>vfs.cache.numcwdfail3: 0
>vfs.cache.numcwdfail4: 0
>vfs.cache.numcwdfound: 217394
>   The really annoying aspect to this is that it doesn't
>happen everytime, and happens more often when in a nfs
>mounted directory vs. a local directory.
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