On 07-Sep-01 Julian Elischer wrote:
> Here is a hack to remove the 20 or so warning messages from if_ie.c
> Most of them are due to the supply of volatile pointers to bcopy and
> bzero.
> I do the following to produce macros that call bzero and bcopy, but
> don't produce 
> warning messages when called with volatile arguments.
> typedef void Xcopy( void volatile *, void volatile *, int);
>#define VBCOPY(A,B,L) (*(Xcopy *)&bcopy)((A),(B),(L))
> typedef void Xzero( void volatile *, int);
>#define VBZERO(A,L) (*(Xzero *)&bzero)((A),(L))

sys/cdef.h already has some rather general purpose macros for thsi sort of
thing in the form of __DEVOLATILE(), __DECONST(), and __DEQUALIFY().


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