* Mike Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [010906 22:57] wrote:
> I've just updated the ACPI CA components to the latest Intel release.
> You can read the release notes on Intel's website 
> (http://developer.intel.com/technology/iapc/acpi).
> In addition, I've changed the default ACPI initialisation to the full,
> recommended-by-the-standard set of passes over the namespace.
> This has the potential to cause problems on some systems.  If you are
> already using the debug.acpi.avoid sysctl, you will get the old 
> behaviour (since the avoid mechanism does not affect some parts of
> the namespace initialisation).  If the latest code locks up during device
> probes, try
> ok set debug.acpi.avoid=""
> at the loader prompt.
> Outstanding issues:
>  - The ACPI timecounter does not work on some ALi chipsets.
>  - ACPI mode results in some PCI devices not being configured
>    by the BIOS.

Any chance this will fix the problem with sound (pcm) that I
mailed you about earlier?

-Alfred Perlstein [[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
'Instead of asking why a piece of software is using "1970s technology,"
start asking why software is ignoring 30 years of accumulated wisdom.'

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