> K6-2-450, bus running at 95mhz, Acer 1541 (A? B?)
> All works fine with the new ACPI _except_ the clock; the time of day
> advances about twice as fast as it should, and I get LOTS of
> calcru negative time and time went backwards messages.

We've seen this before; the Acer Aladdin X clocks are busted.  Turn off
the ACPI timer.

A 'better' solution is going to be for us to sanity-check the ACPI
timer and not use it when it's broken.  I really need someone with one
of these busted boards to spend a little time looking at the (really,
really simple) code and experimenting to see what's going on.

> My athlon MB (ASUS A7V) still won't boot with the new ACPI, at all.
> Dies with a panic trying to attach something, saying can't allocate memory.
> The message disappears too fast to remember what it objected to; I think
> it was the fxp card.

When the system panics, it *stops*.  The message doesn't "disappear" at all.
Please capture whatever is happening and write it down; this isn't a useful
bug report.

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