> >Is there a way to set a loader env from a file?  (I presume that is part
> >of what prompted the rather funny quasi-flame-war about loader interpreter 
> >base.  Lisp indeed :-)  Actually I remember Jordan (and at least one more
> >who is now in the fbsd group; who?) getting into the forth loader 
> >business well before FBSD came on the scene, on the PC532 (of which 
> >mine never got finished before NSC discontinued the chip :-(
> Yes.  The file is /boot/loader.conf.  Here's what I have in there at the
> moment:
> # -- sysinstall generated deltas -- #
> userconfig_script_load="NO"
> hw.ata.wc="1"
> snd_pcm_load="YES"              # Digital sound subsystem
> snd_maestro_load="YES"          # Maestro
> debug.acpi.avoid="_SB_.PCI0.PX40.SIO_"

Some things (e.g. acpi_load="NO", either from loader.conf or manual)
have no effect in this situation; so the loader is overriding at least 
parts of loader.conf for acpi.  That is one reason I didn't already use 
this file!!! and was brute-forcing not using acpi by eliminating the 
module completely...  Also, all of Mike's examples mentioned manual 
"set debug.acpi.avoid="...""; one of the machines in question is remote 
and so manual boots are a pain.  The loader docs are not at all clear
that loader.conf and manual sets do the same thing.

Apparently debug.acpi.avoid doesn't avoid the timer problem anyhow,
and the earlier panic appears to have been too early (but was fixed;
thanks Mike).  I'm going to ignore the bogus clock some and try to track 
things down as Mike suggested in private mail.

-- Pete

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