On both of my -current systems, I can't remotely display X apps back
to my (non-current) laptop.  I don't know if this is related to the
upgrade in ssh (my suspicion) or some other (likely library) issue. 

One of them is running X 4.1.0 downloaded from xfree86.org; the other 
3.3.6, so the problem is not likely to be in the X side of things.

Error is a timeout trying to open the remote server:
puffin.altadena:1009% xclock
Error: Can't open display: puffin.altadena.net:10.0
after a long pause.  One telling thing may be that puffin is the
aladdin-V system where the clock runs fast; however the other has
a normal timecounter (and times out faster).  Also this happens when 
ACPI is disabled completely so I don't think the bogus timecounter
matters here.  (this happens with either protocol V1 or V2).  The X 
server is on a 4-stable (4.4-RC in uname) system so SSH is the 
updated 2.3.0.

Don't know if it happens between two ssh-2.9 systems (the one here is not
cooperating bringing up xdm, likely because pam likes to core if
you enable K4 currently).

-- Pete

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