On Saturday, September 08, 2001, Maxim Sobolev wrote:
> No, it should be pre-defined, because otherwise we will be
> unable to use strcmp() in a few places when v_tag is abused.

   So in these cases (which ideally would be eliminated rather
than considered for support), why can't you do:

if (strcmp(vp->v_tag, "procfs") == 0) {

   rather than

if (strcmp(vp->v_tag, VT_PROCFS) == 0) {

   in the case of procfs?  As for a solution to the problem, I'm
not entirely sure, but maybe this is a case for either a new
vnode flag, `VUNSAFE', for files which should be closed across
exec() calls (this is all setugidsafety() and its hackish
is_unsafe() companion are used for as far as I can tell).

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