On Fri, 7 Sep 2001, Bakul Shah wrote:

> > out-of order is probably ok for a buffer if you know that it's
> > presently yours to write into.
> If the area being bcopied/bzeroed has this behavior why not
> remove the volatile from the struct ptrs instead of "fixing"
> bcopy/bzero?

One reason is that the memory might be normal at the time of the bcopy
(because you have locked out concurrent accesses to it), but volatile
at other times.  I think this should be handled in general by declaring
it as normal and always locking it.

> > 2/ add to the prototype of bzero and bcopy so that volatile pointers are
> > acceptable
> > arguments. (I don't see any reason to not do this).
> Because the (informal) defn of bcopy/bzero does not allow
> volatile arguments.  You are wagging the dog.
> Why not just cast these ptrs at the call sites where you
> _know_ bcopy, bzero use is safe.  That sort of documents what
> is going on without opening a big hole.

FreeBSD turns on -Wcast-qual in order to prevent inadvertant loss of
type qualifiers, so using explicit casts just moves the warning from
the implicit casts caused by the prototype to the implicit casts.


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