I'm writing a clone of pgrep(1) (part of Solaris) for FreeBSD 
5.0-CURRENT.  Similar to FreeBSD's killall, pgrep matches a pattern 
against either the executable associated with each process or each 
process's command line arguments.  I have tried using both sysctl and 
kvm to do this and have run into problems with each:

The snippet below works, except that for each non-zero kp[n].ki_args I 
find that
ki_args is an invalid pointer and that dereferencing it to access 
arguments to
process n results in a bus error.

   size_t len;
   int mib[3] = { CTL_KERN, KERN_PROC, KERN_PROC_ALL };

   if( sysctl( mib, 3, NULL, &len, NULL, 0 ) < 0 )
       perror( "sysctl failed" );
       return( -1 );

   assert( kp = malloc( len ) );

   if( sysctl( mib, 3, kp, &len, NULL, 0 ) < 0 )
       perror( "sysctl failed" );
       return( -1 );

That failing, I fell back on libkvm using this snippet:

   if( ( kern = kvm_open( NULL, NULL, NULL, O_RDONLY,
                          "kvm_open failed" ) ) == NULL )
       exit( 1 );

and found that the resulting executable fails on kvm_open:

$ pgrep foo
kvm_open failed: /dev/mem: Invalid argument

The same open works on 4.1.1-STABLE with the same device file /dev/mem 

Am I doing something obviously wrong, or are these known limitations of 
the proc info interfaces at this time?

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