> Why does the boot loader automatically load acpi.ko at boot time, even
> though I have no loader.conf, and do not have "device acpica" in my
> kernel?  The ACPI driver causes the clock to run at double rate, so I
> there is absolutely no way I will run it on this machine if I can help
> it.

Because your system claims ACPI support.

Your attitude is unproductive; a) the acpi(4) manpage tells you how to 
turn off the ACPI timecounter, and b) once I get some time to work on it, 
the timecounter will probably be fixed to deal (one way or another) with 
your board.

I am assuming you're using an ALi chipset of some sort?  Your bugreport 
dosn't seem to indicate that.  If all you're having trouble with is the 
timecounter, turn it off.

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