i'm running stable4.3 on Dell poweredge 2500 with PERC 3/Di controller which
is causing a problem.  the support battery on the controller is being
discharged on irregular basis and when fully discharged it freezes the
system.  After rebooting the system the console displays:

aac0:  ** Battery charge is now OK

this message is displayed on the console after approx. 2-3 mins of running.
there is no way the battery would be fully recharged after such a short
time.  Being it a new system the battery has not been fully charged and
dischardged to gain full working capacity.  

come on guys, what's going on here?!, is anyone running 4.3 on Poweredge
2500, has anyone got similar problems? i've checked it with 'stable guys'
and no messages no suggestion, nothing. perhaps it's me, overlooking
something, but the server goes down at least once a week

thank you
Tomas Palfi

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