Faulty battery monitor?

If it's a NiCad, consistant recharging when the cell isn't discharged to the 
recommended "discharged" voltage can cause what is 
known as "memory effect", where the battery will never charge above that 
partially-discharged state at which it been consistantly 
recharged from.  Also, if a NiCad is allowed to discharge below a certain voltage, 
polarity reversal can happen.  Most modern gear 
will use NiMH or Li-ion cells nowadays, because such cells do not have these problems. 
 Some manufacturers using cheezy parts and 
other cut corners in quality do still use NiCad cells though [if they were shoddy 
there, where else were they shoddy?]

Main question: is it under warranty?

Tomas Palfi wrote:

> i'm running stable4.3 on Dell poweredge 2500 with PERC 3/Di controller which
> is causing a problem.  the support battery on the controller is being
> discharged on irregular basis and when fully discharged it freezes the
> system.  After rebooting the system the console displays:
> aac0:  ** Battery charge is now OK
> this message is displayed on the console after approx. 2-3 mins of running.
> there is no way the battery would be fully recharged after such a short
> time.  Being it a new system the battery has not been fully charged and
> dischardged to gain full working capacity.  
> come on guys, what's going on here?!, is anyone running 4.3 on Poweredge
> 2500, has anyone got similar problems? i've checked it with 'stable guys'
> and no messages no suggestion, nothing. perhaps it's me, overlooking
> something, but the server goes down at least once a week
> thank you
> --
> Tomas Palfi

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