> was comming.  Mistake.  It comes up fine, I think because all I can see are:
> acpi_cmbat0: bif size changed 0 
> at what looks like several per second.  In single user I am getting:
> acpi-ec0: evaluation of CPE query method _Q3F failed - AE_NOT_FOUND

Hmm, I think these two problems are the same; i.e. Embedded Controller problem.
Could you get ACPI data from your machine, like
 # acpidump -o Compaq_1700.dsdt > Compaq_1700.asl
and send them (plus boot -v dmesg) to [EMAIL PROTECTED] ?

> How can I turn all this off?  Can I send any info that might help someone else?

It's very easy to disable ACPI, but I think we had better to improve our
ACPI implementation :-)
Because newer Intel-based machines (not only Laptops) have become
strongly depending on ACPI.


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