On Tue, Sep 11, 2001 at 00:25:34 -0700, Peter Wemm wrote:
> Also, check that the kern.module_path sysctl has got a trailing / on
> each component.    You can do a 'ktrace kldload msdosfs' and you should be
> able to see the path searching for linker.hints and the .ko files
> as NAMI calls.

This is rather annoying. For ages the the module path has been without
trailing / and the default loader.conf (/sys/boot/forth/loader.conf) still
contains the default without slashes. And there may be people with local
loader.conf that have also no trailing slash.

Not beeing able to load msdosfs is one thing, but not beeing able to load
your interface driver and the nfs module to get access to the NFS mounted
source to figure out what is happening is really bad. A little HEADS UP in
such cases would save a lot of work for people (fortunately I have red my
e-mail before rebooting my current system).

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