Do you run freebsd-current? what current? I make a
clean SNAP of freebsd-current through make release.
And make a CD. I install freebsd-current from my own
CD. All things are fine. But its multimedia is not
soundable. I compile gnome-1.4 on this current-SNAP
smoothly from source through ports. But when I first
run gnome desktop environment, it takes long time to
appear desktop environment. But when I disable the
gnome's sound event and restart it again, it is very
quickly start up. This is one reason I say that.
    Secondly, I make mpg123 from ports by
source(current ports). I start it in background like
this: "mpg123 my.mp3 &", I use top command to see my
system's load, I was surpised: mpg123 only takes no
more than 5% system resources, but the interrupt TAKES
more than 90% system resources. So my system is very
slow to run other software. Why? and I want to know
what's the interrupt and it relates what?
    Now, I have installed FreeBSD 4.4RC1. I compile
mpg123 again, and play it background, I find the
interrupt takes no more than 5% system resource!
    Is it FreeBSD-current's BUGs???

Best Regard.

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